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photo: Ted Carasco

Drum Education and Drum Philosophies

Bruce Becker offers a unique perspective on making definitive changes in your playing. He takes a very defined pro-active role in eliminating blocks and moving you to the next level.

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a copy of DVD
It is my great pleasure to finally announce the release of my DVD "Concepts and Philosophies"-a Comprehensive Approach for the Development of Drum Technique (2 years in the making). Available exclusively through me. I welcome all drummers to check it out!

"In this new DVD Bruce articulates a very clear narrative on some major building blocks in developing drum technique. The concepts put forth are to establish a better mind body connection in an effort to heighten our awareness of how our body moves. By blending these ideas with the natural principles of physics, Bruce opens up the avenue of flow!"

"Bruce is a gifted teacher and has the ability to explain his concepts perfectly as well as demonstrate them. He's a terrific player too which is a bonus...he walks the talk!"
-David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)